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How he got his moniker

In the early 70’s with friends in a Black Leather Tassel Jacket, Aviators, Cowboy Boots, and Hat. Went to the restroom to use the urinal and was approached by a deadhead who said “Hey man you have a narc on your tail” Johnny’s buddy leans over and said he’s no drug dealer, that’s Johnny Nevada…. The legend was born. 

Origin of the Tamale Trade

Johnny spent the next couple of decades cruising through his double life. One as John Shields-Chief Master Sergeant, family man, and the other as Johnny Nevada,  black leather tasseled jacket-aviator-wearing wild man. He was said to have along the way helped pack the parachute that was used by D.B. Cooper to make off with a cool 2 Million out the back of a highjacked airplane. Knowing Johnny, he probably did it while holding a Busch Light in his hand trying to offer up some golf swing advice.

At some point in his travels, he befriended a young lady in San Antonio named Gloria. Our hero instantly fell in love…. with her tamales. He was hooked on these little masa bombs and decided to mule a few homes on his next TWA flight to Tampa. Johnny shared them with his crew and the demand for these grew like wildfire. Johnny Nevada began making monthly trips back for a dozen or two at a time. Eventually, the demand was so high he started rolling through TIA looking like a cross between Hank Williams Jr. and Charles Bronson, towing giant Igloo Coolers behind him wrapped in duct tape, loaded with all types of tamales, still warm when opened at the gate. He had become the king of the Tamale Cartel. Years later just days before he flew off into the sunset, he was asked why tamales. Why not Cocaine or Weed? His reply was simple; "Why make millions when I could make hundreds?"